Welcome to EPFC-CG first Australian member.

Our newest EPFC-CG member the Charles Sturt University is Australia’s largest regional university. It hosts the Agriculture, Water and Environment Institute which is an important regional hub for fisheries and water-related research.

Researchers within the Charles Sturt University have been researching P. fluviatilis spawning for several years now. The team has a small RAS facility established and rely on the natural spawning cycles. P. fluviatilis was introduced to Australia over 100 years ago and the species has gradually adapted to a warm-dry climate and there are some differences in the biology from Europe. So the the research is important to understand the spawning ecology of the species and to also provide feedback into an ambitious hydropower development program which has considerations for wild populations of P. fluviatilis. The team is very keen to share the unique Australian experience but to also learn from European breeders who are active in the field. In particular, learning about out of season spawning and year-round production is of particular interest. The team look forward to contributing and also attending regular annual meetings once travel restrictions have eased.

published 18 November 2021