Webinar “Off-flavour prevention” 15 December 2020, online

Off-flavour or muddy taste is the last thing you want when eating fish. Still this off-flavour prevention is a huge problem and costly for fish production in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). During this webinar we will explain and discus two technics in order to prevent this off-flavour to accumulate in your fish.


14:00 Off-flavour reduction within the Aquavlan II and Flavoreduc projects
By : Bavo Dewitte (ILVO) and Annelies Declercq (Ugent)
Within the Aquavlan II and Flavoreduc projects, the reduction of geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol is studied applying different technologies that aim to (1) reduce the off-flavour concentration in the system by removing or degrading the off-flavour molecules and (2) by reducing off-flavour production at the source, impacting the microbial community.

14:45 Ozone: an alternative to mitigate off-flavour compounds in RAS
By: Katerina Spiliotopoulou (DTU)
The presentation will be about the effect of ozone on water quality and geosmin/MIB removal in RAS. I will share with you the experience we gained upon a project completion and present you our innovation, which is an entirely new way to do a focused and measurable ozone treatment of water to destroy Geosmin and MIB in recirculation water. The innovation is based on the world's first ozone sensor developed by OxyGuard International AS, and a new highly effective, high pressure ozone generator by Water ApS. Using the control platform ‘OxyGuard Pacific’ to control both units allows for online digital registration of ozone concentrations in the water and adjustment of the ozone injection.


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  • Date

    Tuesday 15 December 2020 from 14:00 to 15:30


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