R&D brings burbot back to Belgium

Aqualota Hatchery & Consultancy and Odisee University of Applied Sciences, both members of the EPFC Core group, were recently featured in the September/October issue of Hatchery International.

Research finding its way into practice

Aqualota was founded in 2017 by Joachim Claeyé, former intern and student of The Aquaculture Education & Research facility from Odisee. Odisee have been researching burbot since 2010, working on a wide variety of aspects to obtain basic information regarding the species that are a prerequisite to start the successful ongrowing in RAS. Burbot is a native fish in Europe, but the species is extinct or threatened in most countries. Having similar environmental requirements as salmonids, they can be directly cultured as diversification in inland freshwater aquaculture.

First commercial success despite corona

Aqualota managed to have its first commercial success selling burbot fingerlings this year, in cooperation with Odisee University of applied Sciences.“This summer alone, we sold well over 25.000 fish to ongrowers throughout West-Europe. Our first commercial success after 3 years of preparations”, says founder Joachim Claeyé.

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Photo: Burbot juveniles

published 09 November 2020