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Launch of the new EPFC website

Thanks to the support of our organizing host institutions BIM (Ireland), Inagro (Belgium) and GMA (Germany), EPFC is now able to launch a new website for the group. The website is hosted by GMA and was programmed by the webdesign-expert Hauke Haller. The site is realized in Typo3 providing ample of technical possibilities to display content and to interact with website visitor.

The official launch of the website took place during the annual EPFC workshop 2017, on Tuesday October17th in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The present version of the website is still under construction and more content is to be uploaded in the next time to come. All members of EPFC are welcome to contribute original content fpr upload to the site or to suggest third party content that we should refer to.

For any inquiries, please contact the EPFC organizers via

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