New approaches for processing percid fish This webinar will illustrate new approaches to proces fish. This webinar is complementary to the webinar "New approaches to sell percid fish of farm" (EPFC-CG webinar on 12 March)

During this webinar Dr. Péter Palotas, managing director at THE FISHMARKET ltd, will share with us his expierence and knowledge in processing fish. He will present  us new ways how to enter the market. Also the economical impact of the proces will be touched. His presentation builds further on the one we got from Alexander Wever "new approaches to sell percid fish of farm", 12 March.


13:00, First we have the presentation of Péter Palotas,

13:45, questions and discussion,

14:30, end of the webinar.

  • Date

    Friday 7 May 2021 from 13:00 to 14:30


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