"La Piscicology, le langage secret du monde aquatique"

Guirec Dewavrin was former employee of Percitech, EPFC-CG member. He has writen down his 40 years of experience gathered in 19 countries , alongside more than 63 professional teams in this new book.

I was fifteen years old when, outraged in my discovery of the world and inspired by my readings of the ecologist René Dumont, I made the choice that is still with me today: aquaculture. A promising concept that will provide humanity with the protein it needs, along with the awareness that a responsible, sustainable ecology is necessary.

This book tells the story of my forty years of aquaculture companionship, 19 countries travelled to, alongside more than 63 professional teams. I relate the beginnings of the so-called new aquaculture, full of multiple experiences and sometimes crunchy anecdotes, from my passage in the research centers to production aquaculture.

These are real adventures, such as the creation of the first farm imagined and installed on board a cargo ship, off the coast of Monaco. Or my investigations in the jungle of New Caledonia in search of the ideal zooplankton to ensure the production of the rabbit fish, the mythical Melanesian fish.

While working in a marine farm, I invested more than two years of my career in learning Total Quality in order to adapt its concepts to Aquaculture. This qualitative approach, which was designed to include the fish farmers themselves, enabled me to obtain both excellent results and a dynamic of continuous improvement. The close observation of animals, their environments and then their needs gave birth to PISCICOLOGY.

This book presents innovative methods for managing aquaculture farms and new ideas for breeding concepts: aquaculture using gametes from animals from the fishing industry, the production of forage fish, the association of maritime structures with aquaculture, the aquaculture of copepods, the cultivation of micro-algae with high levels of omega 3, the symbiotic economy via aquaculture vegetable gardens, aquaponics based on the waste from aquaculture farms and octopus farming.

This book is a wonderful message of hope, positive and realistic, showing what aquaculture can bring to the human being of the 21st century.

Guirec Dewavrin.


published 07 February 2022