Internship at Inagro’s hatchery for pikeperch

This year Inagro hosted the first internship in pikeperch larviculture. The aim of this hands-on training was to share the knowledge that Inagro has developed over the past ten years in the production of pikeperch larvae in controlled conditions.

Two weeks of training

During this period, the staff of Inagro guided and showed to the intern, Aaron Jäschke, the most relevant technical and biological process during this production phase. In this hands-on training, Aaron learned about live feed production (artemia hatching and enrichment), feeding regimes, control of swim bladder inflation (SBI), fish malformation and maintenance of the RAS system amongst other relevant issues.

Testimonial of Aaron Jäschke

In July 2020, I started working as a biologist at Fischmaster IP-Services GmbH - a pikeperch farm in Germany a little south of Frankfurt am Main. The goal of this company is to produce pikeperch fingerlings up to 20g to be sold to grow-outs in southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Yet, breeding success stayed far behind expectations.
Fischmaster is member of the EPFC-CG. Since Inagro was not able to give any workshops due to the corona-situation, the idea for an internship at Inagro was born. In close accordance with Stefan Teerlinck and Edson Panana we figured out what was possible and how we could realize an internship regarding the corona-restrictions.
Just to make it short. If I was to give one expression as a feedback about the internship at Inagro this was –superb-!
The uncomplicatedness, friendliness, openness and well-organized nature of the internship despite all odds due to corona is one you will not find in many places. If it was feeding and breeding-procedures or insights into current research at Inagro together with Anne and Edson, taking a thorough look-up of the recirculation systems used at Inagro together with Laurens or aspects of fish-health with Stefan,… it was simply great! And I learned heaps! Things that will help us to improve our breeding back home.

Internship 2021 at Inagro in pikeperch larviculture for companies in the EPFC-CG

After the success of this first internship, Inagro will offer the second edition this 2021. Companies member of the EPFC-CG will have priority.

published 31 October 2020