Internship at inagro on intensive larviculture of European Pikeperch

Larviculture is one of the most challenging phases during the intensive culture of the European pikeperch (Sander lucioperca), therefore, a good understanding of the know-how during this phase is crucial for the producers.

This year, the Applied Research Aquaculture Center at Inagro in Belgium will welcome for 4 weeks long (DAH 0 - DAH 32) 1 person/week, to attend the Intensive larviculture of European Pikeperch.  

Organized and hosted by Stefan Teerlinck (Inagro), this unique internship aims to train producers/staff involved in the production of pikeperch. The technical and scientific staff of Inagro will guide this internship. During this hands-on training, aspect such as monitoring of larvae, abiotic conditions, first live feed and weaning protocols will be addressed.

This internship will cost 150 euro/week (for free if EPFC-CG member). This is an adminatration cost for Inagro; transport, food and hotel cost are to be paid by the trainee. 

At the end of the internship, the participants will be able to improve and standardize their own protocols at farm level. This is a ferfect training for (future) hatchery managers. 


Head lights that you will  encounter during the internship will difer from week to week: 

- 13/09-20/09/2021: DAH 4- 11: first feeding with instar 1 artemia, weaning to instar 2 artemia.

- 20/09-27/09/2021: DAH 11- 18: enriched artemia instar 2 feeding.

- 27/09-04/10/2021: DAH 18-25: weaning to dry feeds.

- 04/10-1/10/2021: DAH 25-32: first sorting and moving the larvae to the juvenile RAS system.

  • Date

    Monday 13 September 2021 09:00 to Monday 4 October 2021 09:00


Ieperseweg 87 , 8800 Rumbeke-Beitem