Hatchery workshop for EPFC-CG members

During this workshop we will look to the hachery protocols and management in hacheries of other species, evaluate the today used hatchery protocols in the pikeperch hatcheries. At the end of the workshop we will come up with a hatchery protocol for all pikeperch and perch producers in Europe, this to be able to compare our production results in the EPFC-CG hatcheries.


22 October 2023, arrival, welcome at Parkhotel Roeselare in the evening.

23 October 2023

9:00 Welcome at Inagro, tour to see the infrastructure.

11:00 Sea Bass hatcheries in France and Europe : a brief history and future outlooks.

what’s to learn for the percid farmers, by Robin Carpentier (Skretting). 

12:00 lunch

14:00 Visit to Gravelin Seabass hatchery (trip Inagro-Gravelin is organized by Inagro) 

18:00 Diner and lots of discussions.

24 October 2023

9:00: Presentation of Le Gouessant, Cyndell Masset. 

9:30: Overview of the different hatchery protocols used within our EPFC-CG hatcheries. All hatchery managers are asked to give input in this session. like this we can compare the protocols of different hatcheries.

12:00 Lunch

13:00: Presentation of Kunstoff Spranger, by Jan Zimmerman.

14:00: Do we want a common hatchery protocol, this to be able to compare results and make faster steps forward? do we see advantages, bottlenecks, disadvantages? After comparing, exchanging knowledge in the session before, are we able to come up with a common protocol?

15:00: Harvesting artemia at Inagro, live demo.

16:00: What research do we need more to improve hatchery protocols? 

25 October 2023

9:00: Push forward a hatchery protocol that will enable the EPFC-CG members to compare their hatchery production results.

10:30 Check the hatchery  @ Inagro, first eating of the larvae.

11:30: Wrap-up of the challenges in the hatchery.

12:00: Closing lunch. 

  • Date

    Sunday 22 October 2023 18:00 to Wednesday 25 October 2023 14:00


Ieperseweg 87 , 8800 Rumbeke-Beitem