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Events 2019

Inagro Reproduction 2019


On 16th-20th September 2019, our fellow colleague Stefan Teerlinck from Inagro in Belgium will host for the third time a five-day workshop providing hands-on practical training on all relevant aspects in relation to Reproduction of European pikeperch (Sander lucioperca). Organized and hosted by Stefan Teerlinck (Inagro) and taught by skilled experts Daniel Zarski (UWM) and Uros Ljubobratovic (NARIC) this workshop will combine theoretical and practical classes from induction of reproduction to egg quality assessment. After this workshop, participants will be able to improve and standardize their own reproduction on farm level.

AE19 PS30 Percid Fish

EPFC invites submission of high quality abstract to the theme session "PS 30 Percid Fish" during the upcoming Aquaculture Europe 2019 conference, 07-09.10.2019, Berlin, Germany. Topics to be adressed: 1. Production technology of percids 2. Production systems for percid fishes 3. Application of biotechnological approaches to percid fishes 4. Challenges in socio-economy of percids

EPFC Workshop 2019 at Aquaculture Europe 2019


In 2019, EPFC will not organize a dedicated workshop on the setup day of the Aquaculture Europe conference. There are two reasons for this: 1.) EPFC is currently focussing on the activities of the EPFC Core Group and 2.) AE19 is organized back-to-back with NordicRAS and this very relevant workshop takes place on that day.