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25.08 - 29.08.2018

AQUA 2018 - Targeted Species - Percid Fish

"As a sector we can only grow, if we expand" (Damien Toner, Dubrovnik, 2017)

The EPFC scientific session "Percid Fish Session" will take place on Tuesday, 28th August, in room Sully 1 @AQUA2018. Click here to read more about this event.

Scope of the Session

The general scope of the session is to open the discussion on the aquaculture of percid fish which, although quite varied, can presently be condensed into a few problematic areas, identified by stakeholders as curtailing expansion. The session will include four sub-themes, covering the most important fields and challenges facing the expansion of percid aquaculture. In effect the abstracts should meet, although not limited to, at least one of the following sub-themes:

1.       Production technology of percids – high quality papers related to various steps of production technology (this includes: hatchery technologies, broodstock management, larval rearing technologies, ongrowing, controlled reproduction, physiology, nutrition, husbandry practices, selective breeding, identification of traits for selection, etc.) of percid fishes, particularly relating to  intensive aquaculture production are among the priorities of this session. Authors are welcome to present their novel ideas, concepts as well as to critically review the existing knowledge or their own experiences on development of feasible technologies for production of percid fishes.

2.       Production systems for percid fishes –novel production systems, concepts as well as innovation activities amongst existing state-of-the-art production systems for percid fishes may be presented. Authors are encouraged to share their experiences from the design step, through validation and necessary modernization influencing efficient aquaculture

3.       Application of biotechnological approaches to percid fishes –specific biotechnological approaches (including cryopreservation, germ cell transplantation, chromosome set manipulation, single-sex-stocks production, genetic-based selection, etc.) are among the future challenges for a growing aquaculture sector, including emerging species such as percids. Therefore, authors are warmly welcome to submit abstracts related to the application of any of the biotechnological tools in the production process of percid fishes.

Challenges in socio-economy of percids – every new fish species targeted for aquaculture production is faced with the challenges of reaching a suitable marketplace. Authors involved in the socio-economical aspects, including marketing and product development of percid fish species, are highly encouraged to submit their papers to this particular session.

Instruction for Submission

To submit an abstract to the ‘percid session’ please go to:

Next, click ‘submit abstract’ and follow the instructions displayed. Please note, that in the second step of the submission there is a section ‘Topic & Paper Title’ in which you are required to choose from the drop-down menu, a session to which your paper will be assigned. From this list please chose the session:

“Targeted species – Percid fish”

The session is almost at the bottom of the list.

Please note that all abstracts need to strictly follow the “INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATION OF ABSTRACTS” given by EAS:

The deadline for submission of abstracts is April 10th 2018! As in the years before, you will have the chance to submit an updated version of your abstract later this year (early July, tbd). This is a special courtesy to all colleagues who would like to present their very latest research and findings, currently still in progress.

The session is convened by Dr. Daniel ?arski from University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland, and is supported by the EAS Thematic Group “European Percid Fish Culture” (EPFC). For further information visit

Looking forward to meet you in Montpellier this Summer

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