About EPFC core group

EPFC core group (EPFC-CG)


EPFC-CG is a closed group within EPFC. The aim of EPFC-CG is to identify and solve bottlenecks that prevent the further growth and success of the sector. Therefore we translate these bottlenecks into relevant scientific, technical research questions. This list of questions is part of the EPFC strategic research and innovation agenda (EPFC-SRIA). The EPFC-SRIA is a living document, that all EPFC-CG member can refer to and contribute his/her solution(s).

Become an EPFC-CG member

Commercial and scientific stakeholders in the percid culture are welcome to join.

As a company member you get…

  • the ability to steer the research performed by the core group R&D members (research institutions, R&D oriented companies…);
  • first hand access to research results;
  • first step towards joint cooperation among companies like selection programs, strategies…;
  • and customized communication like workshops, newsletter, stage places…

As a research & development member you get:

  • relevant complementary research topics;
  • research paper as back-up for fund raising on national level (EMFF);
  • support in raising money as preferred partner in the project consortium.

Contribution of the EPFC-CG members

  • Help to clarify what the bottlenecks are that need to be solved in order to reach the EPFC-CG goals.
  • As research institute or R&D-oriented company, you commit yourself to prioritise your own research activities in line with the recommendations of the EPFC-SRIA and to communicate these activities and outcomes in due time with the EPFC-CG.
  • Contribution of an annual fee of 1.000 euro for at least three years.

Overview of the EPFC-CG members:

  • Aqua-ERF Odisee
  • Aqualota VOF
  • Aquapri Denmark
  • Basis 57
  • Berner Fachhochschule,  Hochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften (BFH-HAFL)
  • BIM
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
  • Bree Tech Blue (former name: Fischmaster)
  • Fish2be
  • Fishdoc GmbH
  • Inagro
  • Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research
  • Kaiserzander
  • Keywater Fisheries LTD
  • Landesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Fischerei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Le Gouessant Aquaculture
  • Skretting
  • Swifish AG
  • Université de Lorraine - INRA
  • University of Bern, Vetsuisse Faculty 
  • University of South Bohemia
  • Zurich University of Applied Science - ZHAW

Interested to join the EPFC core group? Contact info@epfc.net