Workshop artificial reproduction of pikeperch @ Inagro

This five-day workshop shall provide hands-on practical training on all relevant aspects in relation to reproduction of European pikeperch (Sander lucioperca). Organized and hosted by Stefan Teerlinck (Inagro) and taught by skilled experts Daniel Żarski (Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research, PAS, Poland) and Uros Ljubobratović (Institute of Aquaculture and Environmental Safety MATE AKI, Hungary), supported by the experienced Inagro team (Edson, Laurens and Anne) this workshop will combine theoretical and practical classes from induction of reproduction to egg quality assessment until hatching of the larvae. Everything is well prepared by the experienced Inagro team making sure you will see and feel all steps, from injecting the fish to the larvae hatching the eggs. After this workshop, participants will be able to conduct, improve and standardize their own reproduction on farm level.


TimeSessionType of classSpeaker
Day 1 (16/10)   
9.00-9.45Welcome session Stefan Teerlinck
9.45-10.00Coffee break  
10.00-12.15Controlled reproduction - definitions and principlesTheoretical Daniel Żarski
12.00-14.00Lunch break  
14.00-17.00Control of oocyte stages, hormonal injectionPractical  
Day 2 (17/10)   
9.00-9.45Readiness for spawningTheoretical Uros Ljubobratović
9.45-10.00Coffee break  
10.00-12.15Percids gametes biology and quality evaluationTheoretical Daniel Żarski
12.00-14.00Lunch break  
14.00-17.00Control of ovulationPractical  
Day 3 (18/10)   
9.00-10.30Egg treatment and incubationTheoretical Uros Ljubobratović
10.30-11.00Coffee break  
11.00-13.00Stripping the eggs, egg treatment, incubationPractical Uros Ljubobratović
13.00-14.30Lunch break  
14.30-18.00Stripping the eggs, egg treatment, incubation (continued)Practical  
Day 4 (19/10)   
10.00-11.30Hatching and early larvae managementTheoretical Uros Ljubobratović
11.30-12.00Coffee break  
12.00-13.00Evaluation of egg qualityPractical  
13.00-14.30Lunch break  
14.30-17.00Evaluation of egg quality (continued)Practical  
Day 5 (20/10)   
9.00-10.30Discussion panelTheoretical Daniel Żarski
10.30-11.00Coffee break  
11.00-12.00Closing remarksTheoretical Edson Panana Villalobos
12.00-14.00Good-bye lunch  
  • Date

    Monday 16 October 2023 09:00 to Friday 20 October 2023 12:00


Ieperseweg 87 , 1021 Rumbeke-Beitem