European Percid Fish Culture (EPFC)

EAS thematic group on the culture of pikeperch, perch and other species of the family percidae for human consumption, stocking and conservation.

This is the website of the European Percid Fish Culture (EPFC) thematic group within EAS. Bringing together all those with an interest in the culture of pikeperch, perch and other species of the family percidae for human consumption, stocking and conservation. The goal of EPFC is to involve representatives from the sector in a network and to facilitate future cooperation and knowledge transfer, profiting from the high level of proficiency of all EPFC participants. The group is open to all members of the EAS and explicitly invites farmers and producers as well as scientists and policy makers.

Aquaculture International (IF=1.095) is the journal of the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) published by Elsevier.

The European Percid Fish Culture Group (EPFC) is inviting all interested scientists for submission of high quality research articles to a Special Issue (SI) of the Aquaculture International (AQUI) journal (IF=1.095). This SI is being convened by the EPFC coordinating team and Editor-in Chief of AQUI Prof. Gavin M. Burnell.

This Special Issue is open to original research articles related to percid fishes (including biology, physiology, reproduction, larviculture, genetics, pathology, nutrition, production systems, etc.), though other type of articles – such as review papers, technical notes or short communications – will also be considered for publication.

Benefits to publish in our SI of AQUI journal:

  1. Your article will be peer-reviewed by scientists being experts in the field of aquaculture of percids and/or biology of percid fishes
  2. We guarantee rapid peer-review process, which will be handled by EPFC management committee, being officially Guest Editors of this SI. So, the speed of publication will rely largely on the time of Your feedback following the first round of peer-review process.
  3. Your paper, following final acceptance made by Editor-in-Chief Prof. Gavin Burnell, will appear immediately as ‘on-line’ version on the main webpage of AQUI Journal being fully citable item having specific DOI number.
  4. Publication of Your article in the SI related solely to PERCIDS will ensure high readability of Your work by the scientists and aquaculturists already working with percids or interested in this rapidly developing sector. Contribution to specific special issues very often increases reputation and gives high recognizability in the field, especially by aquaculturists who are much more eager to read scientific content whenever is coming from dedicated, single-theme issues of scientific journals.

Looking forward to hearing from you if you are interested in submission of your paper. Please note that the final deadline for submission is the end of December 2018.

The submissions are possible from this very moment! You can start the submission by following this link to the AQUA editorial manager website.

For instruction of submission please have a look on the following instructions (also available in the  download section on the right hand side).

In case of any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the EPFC coordinating team directly.



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